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  • Location: FIT-1-304

Date Speaker Title Materials On duty
2012/08/27 Dong Wang Heterogeneous Convolutive Non-negative Sparse Coding slides paper
2012/09/03 NO Meeting
2012/09/10 NO Meeting
2012/09/17 WALEED ABDULLA Auditory Based Feature Vectors for Speech Recognition slides 范淼
2012/09/24 刘超 N-gram FST indexing for Spoken Term Detection slides 尹聪
范淼 Micro-blogging, Wikipedia, Folksonomy, What's Next? slides
2012/10/08 NO Meeting
2012/10/15 NO Meeting
2012/10/22 Wu Xiaojun speaker recognition in CSLT slides 卡尔
2012/10/29 王军 An overview of Automatic Speaker Diarization Systems slides 别凡虎
2012/11/05 别凡虎 Experiments on Emotional Speaker Recognition slides 刘超
2012/11/12 唐国瑜 Statistical Word Sense Improves Document Clustering slides 邱晗
2012/11/19 张陈昊 TDSR with Long-term Features Based on Functional Data Analysis slides 王俊俊
2012/11/26 王琳琳 Time-Varying Speaker Recognition: An Introduction slides 龚宬
2012/12/03 No meeting
2012/12/10 No meeting
2012/12/17 No meeting
2012/01/07 王军 基于DF-MAP的说话人模型训练方法 slides 唐国瑜
2012/01/14 王东 Computing in CSLT slides 王琳琳
2013/03/04 王军 Sequential Adaptive Learning for Speaker Verification slides 别凡虎
2013/03/11 Du Jinle VAD stuff
2013/04/08 张陈昊 A Fishervoice based Feature Fusion Method for SUSR slides 谢仲达
2013/04/15 龚宬 An Exploration on Influence Factors of VAD's Performance in Speaker Recognition slides
2013/04/22 王俊俊 Understanding the Query: THCIB and THUIS at NTCIR-10 Intent Task slides‎
2013/05/06 别凡虎 MLLR on Emotional Speaker Recognition slides
2013/05/13 刘超 The Use of Deep Neural Network for Speech Recognition slides
2013/05/27 王琳琳 说话人识别中的时变鲁棒性问题研究 slides
2013/06/03 王俊俊 汉语搜索结果聚类系统研究与实现 slides
2013/06/17 范淼 Relation Extraction slides
2013/06/24 唐国瑜 Incorporating Statistical Word Senses in Topic Model slides
2013/09/09 王东 Research Frontier in Speech Technology slides
2013/10/21 范淼 Transduction Classification with Matrix Completion (中文报告) slides paper 李蓝天
2013/11/04 王军 基于i-vector的intersession补偿及打分方法(综述) slides
2013/11/11 张陈昊 PLDA介绍及PLDA在说话人识别中的应用 slides 唐国瑜
2013/11/18 别凡虎 i-vector理论介绍(讨论) slides 王军
2013/11/25 刘超 Pruning Neural Networks By Optimal Brain Damage(综述) slides 范淼
2013/12/02 范淼 Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction with Matrix Completion (英文报告) slides 李蓝天
2013/12/09 Dong Wang Introduction to the HMM-based speech synthesis slides
2013/12/16 张陈昊 语音研究中的基元介绍 slides
2013/12/23 Dong Wang Introduction to the HMM-based speech synthesis (2) slides
2013/12/30 刘荣 continuous space language model slides 刘超
2014/03/10 范淼 Distant Supervision for Information Extraction (英文报告) 李蓝天
2014/03/17 唐国瑜 Topic Models Incorporating Statistical Word Senses slides
2014/03/24 孟祥涛 Noisy training for Deep Neural Networks
2014/03/31 范淼 Translating Embeddings for Modeling Multi-relational Data (中文报告) paper 李蓝天
2014/04/14 Wang Jun I-vector and PLDA in depth slides
2014/04/21 邱晗 汉语事件句式规范化处理 slides
2014/04/28 唐国瑜 Some papers in CICLing2014 slides 刘超
2014/05/12 卡尔 paper introduction slides 邱晗
2014/05/19 邱晗 汉语事件句式CCG推导树重构 slides 卡尔
Liu Chao master proposal: sparse and deep neural networks slides
Liu Chao 2nd master proposal: sparse and deep neural networks
2014/06/16 别凡虎 Truncated Wave based VPR and Some Recent Work slides 别凡虎
2014/06/23 别凡虎 Block-wise training for I-vector slides 别凡虎
2014/07/07 王军 Discriminative Scoring for Speaker Recognition Based on I-vectors slides 王军
2014/09/09 别凡虎 Reseach on Truncated Wave based VPR slides 别凡虎
2014/09/22 Miao Fan Large-scale Entity Relation Extraction based on Low-dimensional Representations (中文报告,博士开题) slides Lan TianLi
2014/10/13 Miao Fan The Frontier of Knowledge Embedding (英文报告) slides Lan TianLi
2014/10/27 Li Yi Phonemes, Features, and Syllables: Converting Onset and Rime Inventories to Consonants and Vowels paper slides
2014/11/3 米吉提 Automatic Speech Recognition of Agglutinative Language based on Lexicon Optimization slides
2014/11/17 Dong Wang Highly restricted keyword spotting for Uyghur using sparse analysis slides
2014/12/1 ZhongDa Xie Incorporating Fine-Grained Ontological Relations in Medical Document Ranking slides Lantian Li
2014/12/15 唐国瑜 跨语言话题分析关键技术研究 slides
2014/12/29 Askar Language Mismatch in Speaker Recognition System slides
2015/1/5 Lantian Li Deep Neural Networks for Speaker Recognition slides
2015/1/19 Dong Wang Machine Learning Paradigms for Speech Recognition slides paper
2015/1/26 Chen Guorong Information Transmission and Distribution on Web slides
2015/3/9 Dong Wang Joint Deep Learning slides
2015/3/16 Dongxu Zhang Knowledge learning from text data and knowledge bases slides
2015/4/13 Xuewei Zhang Lasso-based Reverberation Suppression In Automatic Speech Recognition slides
2015/5/11 Dong Wang ASR and SID Research Frontier slides
2015/11/23 Zhiyuan Tang CTC learning slides
2015/11/30 Mengyuan Zhao CNN-based music removal slides
2015/12/3 Zhiyuan Tang Networks of Memory slides
2015/12/7 Yiqiao Pan Document Classification with Spherical Word Vectors slides
2015/12/14 Dong Wang Transfer Learning for Speech and Language Processing slides
2015/12/21 Qixin Wang Attention for poem generation slides
2015/12/28 Lantian Li Max-margin metric learning for speaker recognition slides
2016/1/4 Zhiyong Zhang Parallel training,MPE and natural gradient slides
2016/1/18 Dongxu Zhang Memoryless Document Vector slides
2016/3/14 Zhiyuan Tang Oral presentation for "vMF-SNE: Embedding for Spherical Data" slides
2016/3/28 Tianyi Luo Review for Neural QA slides
2016/4/11 Rong Liu Recommendation in Youku slides
2016/5/09 Miao Fan Learning contextual embeddings of knowledge base with entity descriptions. slides
2016/5/16 Yang Wang Research on conversation thread detection. slides
2016/5/20 Yang Wang & Maoning Wang Research on portfolio selection. slides1 slides2
2016/5/20 Zhiyuan Tang ICASSP 2016 summary slides
2016/5/23 Dong Wang graphical model and neural model slides papers
2016/8/02 Zhiyuan Tang Visualizing, Measuring and Understanding Neural Networks: A Brief Survey slides
2016/8/03 Yang Wang Neural networks and genetic programming for financial forecasting slides
2016/11/05 Yang Wang Reinforcement Learning Models and Simulations slides
2016/11/12 Yang Wang Generative Adversarial Nets slides
2016/11/22 Zhiyuan Tang INTERSPEECH 2016 summary slides
2016/11/30 Dong Wang Deep and sparse learning in speech and language: an overview slides
2017/2/17 Yang Wang Review understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization slides
2017/6/5 Dong Wang Deep speech factorization slides
2017/6/8 Shiyue Zhang Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Learning slides
2017/6/12 Shiyue Zhang Memory-augmented Neural Machine Translation slides
2017/6/21 Shiyue Zhang Attention Is All You Need slides
2017/6/26 Jiyuan Zhang Chinese poem generation using neural model slides
2017/6/21 Miao Zhang Speaker recognition on cough,laugh and wei


2017/7/10 Aodong Li Enhanced Neural Machine Translation by Learning from Draft slides
2017/7/17 Lantian Li Study on Speaker Recognition slides
2018/12/6 Xiuqi Jiang Meta-Learning and Zero-Shot Learning slides
2018/12/12 Dan He Tensor factorization neural net slides
2018/12/26 Dong Wang Towards deep statistical speaker representation slides
2019/01/04 Dong Wang Speech in NIPS 2017/2018 slides
2019/07/17 Dong Wang Deep Feature Learning and Normalization for Speaker Recognition slides
2019/08/19 Sitong Cheng & Pengyuan Zhang Periodic Report of Celebrity Video Data Collection. slides
2019/08/19 Dong Wang Continuous Learning for Neural Nets slides
2019/09/11 Dong Wang Language Recognition in ICASSP 2019 slides
2019/09/11 Sitong Cheng Language Recognition in Interspeech 2019 slides
2019/10/14 Haoran Sun Dimension Reduction slides
2019/10/27 Dong Wang Back to Matrix slides
2019/11/11 Dong Wang Helmholtz Machine & The ML criterion slides
2019/12/02 Jiawen Kang Gan Laten Space Manipulation & Flow Application Papers slides
2019/12/09 Dong Wang Style transfer and information factorization slides
2019/12/16 Zhiyuan Tang Conditional Generative Flow slides
2019/12/23 Lantian Li Deep Generative Model in Speaker Recognition slides
2019/12/30 Wenqiang Du Cross-bandwidth Train slides
2019/01/06 Yunqi Cai Do Deep Generative Models Know What They Don't Know ? slides
2019/01/10 Haoran Sun Flow++: Improving Flow-Based Generative Models with Variational Dequantization and Architecture Design slides
2020/01/13 Ying Shi Deep Generative Model Energy Based Model slides
2020/02/10 Dong Wang Deep Generative Models for Discriminative Tasks slides
2020/02/17 Zhiyuan Tang Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled Representations slides
2020/02/24 Lantian Li Weakly- & Self-Supervised Learning slides
2020/03/02 Yunqi Cai Deep Normalization for Speaker Vectors slides
2020/03/09 Ying Shi Speech Enhancement base on Double Flow slides
2020/03/16 Dong Wang Bayesian scoring and uncertainty manipulation slides
2020/03/23 Zhiyuan Tang Classifier involves Energy Based Model slides
2020/03/30 Lantian Li Bayesian scoring in speaker verification slides
2020/04/06 Yunqi Cai Posterior Collapse slides
2020/04/13 Lantian Li NDA in ASV slides
2020/04/20 Ying Shi Speech_Enhancement_base_on_Flow slides
2020/05/11 Dong Wang Real DNF Slide
2020/05/26 Sitong Cheng ASR-Free Pronunciation Assessment slides
2020/05/26 Jiawen Kang RobustMAML slides
2020/05/26 Jiawen Kang Domain adaptation review slides
2020/05/26 Jiawen Kang SOTA models for VPR slides
2020/06/01 Dong Wang How MAML succeeded? [1][2][3]
2020/06/09 Zhiyuan Tang Flow Wheels slides
2020/06/15 Lantian Li Uncertainty Modeling and Inference slides
2020/06/22 Lantian Li Gaussians in High Dimension slides
2020/06/22 Dong Wang Self training for SE and ASR slides
2020/06/29 Ying Shi Speech enhancement & separation slides
2020/07/06 Haolin Chen Self-supervised Learning in Speech Processing slides
2020/07/13 Zhiyuan Tang Exploding inverse in INN slides
2020/07/20 Lantian Li Principle Solution for Enroll-Test Mismatch slides
2020/08/17 Dong Wang Decoupled scoring slides
2020/08/24 Zhiyuan Tang G & D Acoustic model slides
2020/09/01 Lantian Li Decoupled NL slides
2020/09/07 Yunqi Cai Deep generative model based Anomaly detection slides
2020/09/14 Dong Wang How we factorize speech? slides
2020/10/05 Dong Wang Remarks on DNF slides
2020/10/12 Dong Wang Paper Reading: Challenging Common Assumptions in the Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled Representations slides paper link
2020/10/19 Haoran Sun Informational Speech Factorization by Factorial Discriminative Normalization Flow slides
2020/10/27 Jiao Han Experimental report mainly based on DNF models slides
2020/11/02 Lantian Li INTERSPEECH 2020 (SRE) slides
2020/11/09 Yunqi Cai Deep normalization_V1 slides video
2020/11/16 Yunqi Cai Deep normalization_V2 slides video
2020/11/17 Di Wang Statistics decomposition for NL Scoring slides
2020/11/23 Yunqi Cai Deep normalization_V3 slides video
2020/12/08 Yunqi Cai From materials science to perceptual intelligence slides video
2020/12/08 Dong Wang From noise injection to Bayes PLDA slides
2020/12/21 Lantian Li Speech in NIPS 2019/2020 slides
2020/12/28 Pengqi Li Domain generalization via robust optimization slides
2021/01/07 Dong Wang What we believe slides
2021/01/14 Dong Wang Reparametric trick slides
2021/02/01 Dong Wang Data augmentation as regularization slides
2021/02/22 Lantian Li Ensemble and Distillation paper slides
2021/03/15 Dong Wang 第三代人工智能 paper slides
2021/03/22 Chao Xing Complexity neural net in speech enhancement paper1paper2 paper3
2021/03/29 Ying Shi Some methods about speech enhancement slides
2021/04/05 Jiyuan Zhang 推理 & 知识推理调研 slides
2021/04/12 Zicheng Qiu Some work on minorlingual speech recognition
2021/04/19 Shiyue Zhang Text summarization
2021/04/26 Dong Wang Paper reading: Metadata normalization slides paper
2021/05/10 Lantian Li Explainable ML slides
2021/05/17 Jie Li Tea cake Re-identification slides
2021/05/24 Dong Wang Deep speech prior slides
2021/06/28 Haoran Sun Information Bottleneck and Deep Learning slides papers
2021/07/05 Chen Chen Speech Enhancement Overview slides
2021/07/19 JiaWen Kang Diseaseof detection from speech signal
2021/07/26 毛丽旦 Characters of Uygher in learning Chinese slides
2021/08/02 ChaoXing Multi-Modal Speech Interaction
2021/08/16 Dong Wang Training Mutual Information slides
2021/09/06 Jie Li Detection of object falling
2021/09/13 Zhiyuan Tang Construction of Ke speech database
2021/09/20 Shiyue Zhang Objective evaluation for text summarization slides
2021/10/11 Chao Xing Speech MLP
2021/10/18 Haoran Sun CycleFlow: PURIFY INFORMATION FACTORS BY CYCLE LOSS slides
2021/10/25 Lantian Li Real Additive Margin Softmax for Speaker Verification slides
2021/11/01 Chao Xing Knowedge-driven small foootprint backbone
2021/11/08 Xingliang Cheng Anti-spoofing in Replay Attack slides
2021/11/22 Yunqi Cai Autonomous Experimentation Systems For Materials Development slides
2021/11/29 Ying Shi End-to-End kws slides
2021/12/06 Dong Wang Things that Neural Nets Learn slides
2021/12/13 Xuewei Zhang Research advances on Ali Speech Technology slides
2021/12/20 Yang Wang Quantitative Finance
2021/12/27 吾买尔江 基于子带互相关的非同步信号检测方法 slides
2022/1/10 Zhiyong Zhang Advances on KWS/CMD slides
2022/1/17 Jiyuan Zhang Advances on fake news slides
2022/1/24 Shi Yin Additive neural net
2022/2/19 Tianyi Luo Fairness on semi-supervised learning
2022/3/07 Chao Xing 神经网络的异构推理 slides
2022/3/14 Lantian Li C-P Map: A Novel Evaluation Toolkit for Speaker Verification slides
2022/3/20 Dong Wang Factorization, Disentanglement, Self-supervised Learning and Data Augmentation slides
2022/4/11 Weida Liang Enhanced Exemplar Autoencoder for Any-to-One VC slides
2022/4/18 Yong Qin Audio Pattern Recognition slides
2022/4/25 Dong Wang Interpreting speech models slides Additional materials[4][5][6][7]
2022/5/16 Lantian Li Open-source, Robust, Explainable Speaker Recognition slides
2022/5/23 Ying Shi ICASSP 2022: kws asr slides
2022/7/4 Dong Wang Group learning slides
2022/7/11 Hui Wang TTS evaluation slides
2022/7/18 Renmiao Chen Audio-visual biometric identification
2022/7/25 Yong Qin Emotion & Age detection
2022/8/1 Pengqi Li Post-hoc Explanation Methods slides
2022/9/26 Dong Wang Low Resource ASR slides
2022/10/10 Dong Wang Speech on AAAI slides
2022/11/28 Yong Qin Dysarthria Speech Processing
2022/12/19 Shiwan Zhao GPT introduction [8]
2023/1/2 Guanyu Li/Senyan Li Tibetan speech recognitoin and Kaldi 2
2023/1/9 Dong Wang Diffusion model slides
2023/2/6 Zhiyuan Tang Desentanglement & sparsity slides
2023/2/13 Renmiao Chen Prompt based XT"A" slides
2023/3/20 Xipin Wei Multi-instrument music generation
2023/3/27 Yifan Wang, Jie Li Tensor decomposition slides
2023/4/3 Jiaying Wang Ordered Binary Speaker Embedding slides
2023/4/10 Pengqi Li Visualizing data augmentation in deep speaker recognition slides
2023/4/24 Zicheng Qiu

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