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时间: 每周五晚19:30

地点: 1区303

Date Speaker Title Materials
PPT模板 媒体文件:Weeklyreading_template.rar
2021/04/01 Haoran Sun Zeus code regularization 媒体文件:代码规范.pdf
2021/05/20 Chen Chen Overview of speech enhancement 媒体文件:Speech_enhancement.pdf
2021/05/27 Di Wang Secret of 'hard trials' 媒体文件:Secret_of_hard_trials.pdf
2021/06/10 Jingxin Shen Expriments about thermal to RGB face synthesis with cycleGan and pix2pix 媒体文件:Expriments about thermal to RGB face synthesis with cycleGan and pix2pix.pdf
2021/06/17 Yang Zhang NIPS2020: Long-Tailed Classification by Keeping the Good and Removing the Bad Momentum Causal Effect 媒体文件:long-tail.pdf
2021/07/08 Tiankai Zhi Some experiments on stargan 媒体文件:Some experiments on stargan.pdf
2021/07/15 Jiao Han MG experiments based on ASV system 媒体文件:MG experiments based on ASV system..pptx
2021/07/22 Zixi Yan & Sirui Li Unsupervised Speech Recognition 媒体文件:Unsupervised_Speech_Recognition.pdf
2021/07/29 Pengqi Li A Simulation Study on 􏰛􏰜 Ro􏰛bust MAML 媒体文件:A Simulation Study on 􏰛􏰜 Ro􏰛bust MAML.pdf
2021/08/12 Qingyang Zhu Noise-aware method for Speech Enhancement 媒体文件:Noise-aware method for Speech Enhancement.pdf
2021/08/12 Weida Liang Unsupervised Audio-Visual Synthesis via Exemplar Autoencoders 媒体文件:Bi-weekly_report_Liangwd.pdf
2021/08/19 Di Wang Inter Dataset Variability Compensation 媒体文件:Inter_dataset_variability_compensation.pdf
2021/09/02 Tiankai Zhi One Shot VC 媒体文件:One_shot_VC.pdf
2021/09/09 Jingxin Shen Thermal Speaking 媒体文件:Thermal_Speaking_2021.pdf
2021/09/23 Sirui Li & Zixi Yan Wav2vec-U Experimental Report 媒体文件:Wav2vec-U_experimental_report.pdf ‎
2021/10/20 Renmiao Chen Is Someone Speaking? 媒体文件:Is_Someone_Speaking_Exploring_Long-term_Temporal_Features.pdf ‎
2021/10/28 Chen Chen WenetSpeech Introduction 媒体文件:WenetSpeech_Dataset_Introduction.pdf ‎
2021/11/10 Weida Liang Cycle-loss Exemplar Autoencoder 媒体文件:Cycle-loss_Exemplar_Autoencoder.pdf ‎
2021/11/17 吾买尔江 Modulation Spectrum 媒体文件:Modulation_Spectrum.pdf ‎
2021/11/24 Chen Chen S-DCCRN 媒体文件:S-DCCRN_pdf.pdf ‎
2021/12/01 Pengqi Li GuidedMix: An on-the-fly data augmentation approach for robust speaker recognition system 媒体文件:201201-GuidedMix-LPQ.pdf ‎
2021/12/08 Renmiao Chen Multimodal preson verification 媒体文件:Multimodal_preson_verification.pdf
2021/12/15 Ruihai Hou Crossmodal clustered contrastive learning: Grounding of spoken language to gesture 媒体文件:Crossmodal_clustered_contrasti.pdf
2021/12/29 Zixi Yan Capsules Network 媒体文件:Capsules_Network.pdf
2022/01/05 Sirui Li Self-Supervised Learning for speech recognition with Intermediate layer supervision 媒体文件:SSL with Intermediate layer supervision.pdf
2022/01/12 Weida Liang FragmentVC 媒体文件:FragmentVC.pdf
2022/01/19 Haoyu Jiang Multi-modality Associative Bridging through Memory: Speech Sound Recollected from Face Video 媒体文件:Multi-modality_Associative_Bridging_through_Memory.pdf
2022/02/14 Interspeech 2021 Review 媒体文件:Interspeech_paper_review_min.pdf
2022/02/16 Chen Chen Audio Visual HuBERT 媒体文件:AVHuBERT.pdf
2022/03/04 Pengqi Li Study of Visualization 媒体文件:Visualization.pdf
2022/03/11 Renmiao Chen Can audio-visual integration strengthen robustness under multimodal attacks? 媒体文件:Audio-Visual_Robustness_Under_Multimodal_Attacks.pdf
2022/03/11 吾买尔江 Signal Separation 媒体文件:Signal_Separation.pdf
2022/03/18 Chen Chen Overview on Lip Reading and Audio-visual Speech Recognition 媒体文件:LipReadingAndAVSR.pdf
2022/04/01 Ruihai Hou Scalable Identity-Oriented Speech Retrieval 媒体文件:Scalable_Identity-Oriented_Speech_Retrieval.pdf
2022/04/08 Zixi Yan Wav2vec related papers share 媒体文件:Wav2vec_related_papers.pdf
2022/04/22 Sirui Li Speech-Based Language Modelling 媒体文件:Speech-Based Language Modelling.pdf
2022/04/29 Haoyu Jiang Models of Speaker Recognition 媒体文件:Models_of_Speaker_Recognition.pdf
2022/05/13 Chen Chen Audio-visual Representation Learning 媒体文件:Audio_visual_representation_learning.pdf
2022/05/20 Haoran Sun
2022/05/27 Pengqi Li The important ”feature” for speaker recognition 媒体文件:The important ”feature” for speaker recognition.pdf
2022/06/10 Zixi Yan Paper Share 媒体文件:Paper_share_yzx0610.pdf
2022/06/24 Renmiao Chen Transformer in multimodal 媒体文件:Transformer_in_multimodal.pdf
ICASSP 2022 review 媒体文件:ICASSP2022_review.pdf 媒体文件:ICASSP-2022-readinglist.pdf
2022/07/04 Chen Chen Video to Speech papers 媒体文件:VTS_cc.pdf
2022/07/08 Ruihai Hou ICASSP 2022 review (part) 媒体文件:Weeklyreading_hrh.pdf
2022/07/15 Sirui Li Towards End-to-end Unsupervised Speech Recognition 媒体文件:Towards_End_to_end_Unsupervised_Speech_Recognition.pdf
2022/07/22 Wan Lin AutoED: Text-independent unsupervised speaker recognition Model 媒体文件:AutoED_spk_reg.pdf
2022/07/29 Haoyu Jiang ArcFace_iQIYI-VID 媒体文件:ArcFace_iQIYI-VID.pdf
2022/08/05 Chen Chen Recent advance in VTS task 媒体文件:RecentVTS.pdf
2022/08/12 Tianhao Wang Extremal Perturbations 媒体文件:Extremal_perturbations.pdf
2022/08/19 Renmiao Chen The correlation of face and vioce 媒体文件:The_correlation_of_face_and_vioce_CRM.pdf
2022/09/02 Zixi Yan Non-Contrastive Self-supervised Learning 媒体文件:Non_contrastive_Self_supervised_Learning.pdf
2022/09/09 Sirui Li Low Resource Speech Recognition 媒体文件:Low_Resource_Speech_Recognition_lsr_0909.pdf
2022/09/16 Xipin Wei Controllable Multi-style Music Generation Model based on simple Contrastive Learning 媒体文件:Controllable_Multi_style_Music_Generation_Model_based_on_simple_Contrastive_learning.pdf
2022/09/23 Haoyu Jiang Audio Visual Learning 媒体文件:Audio_Visual_Learning.pdf
2022/09/30 Chen Chen Speech Quality Assessment 媒体文件:220930_cchen_SpeechQualityAssessment.pdf
2022/10/07 Wan Lin Cross-Domain Speaker Recognition 媒体文件:Cross_Domain_Speaker_Recognition.pdf
2022/10/14 Tianhao Wang How do deep speaker models treat silence and noises 媒体文件:20221014_wth.pdf
2022/10/31 Pengqi Li Visualization of a specific filter in CNN 媒体文件:Visualization of a specific filter in CNN.pdf
2022/11/04 Zhenyu Zhou Acoustic-aware Training for Multi-genre Speaker Recognition 媒体文件:20221104_acoustic_training.pdf
2022/11/07 Chen Chen & Renmiao Chen Experience and perceptions of collecting Audio-Visual dataset 媒体文件:20221107_cc_crm.pdf
2022/11/11 Chen Chen
2022/11/18 Renmiao Chen
2022/11/25 Xipin Wei
2022/11/25 Chen Chen
2022/12/02 Wan Lin

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